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Saturday, December 8, 2012

2012 Merry Mojitos and Microloans Mixer RECAP

The gift of God's LOVE was shared in abundance  at our Merry Mojitos and Microloans party was a fun night and a big success! After guests enjoyed Mojitos, tasty treats, and conversation, we then presented World Vision’s “Meet the CEO” video to meet one of World Vision Micro’s success stories.

Guests then had the opportunity to fund women entrepreneurs from across the world that night! iPads were available that evening for guests to contribute immediately online. 
As a result, NYC ladies generously delivered a Merry Christmas to 14 women entrepreneurs with $1,375 raised and 21 fully-funded microloans disbursed to start-up businesses in the Phillppines, Bolivia, Cambodia, Mexico, and Ethopia. 
Christmas will indeed be MERRIER for our chosen farmers and shopkeepers who simply want to better the lives of their children and their communities.

Many of the donations were given in the name of family and friends as Christmas gifts. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving! Once these Microloans are paid back by the entrepreneurs, they get "paid-forward" onto another deserving Microloan entrepreneur! What a Living LEGACY!

You can invest in an entrepreneur today too - join our Microloan Giving Group today! 
You can do so in four easy steps:

1. Create an account
2. Once you create an account, click on the Groups tab and select “Join a chapter”
3. Search for us “WOV New York City Chapter”
4. Join us and begin investing in entrepreneurs!

With a few clicks, you will be launching a business in the New Year somewhere around the world and able to monitor her progress like a CEO. Please click this link and change lives and families and villages with the cost of a dinner out in NYC:

P.S. If you join our Chapter and become a Partner, you will also receive an exclusive invite to our Bauble and Crystals and Cocktails-OH MY! Party ONLY for Partners!

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