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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Women of Vision NYC Chapter Partner Profile: Katherin

Katherin, the NYC WOV Chapter Advocacy Chair, has demonstrated on many occasions how easily and quickly someone with a Smartphone can make a difference. She has directed our group to participate in sending letters to congress to petition to provide life-saving assistance to combat extreme global poverty, hunger and disease. As our Advocacy Chair she leads us in learning practical ways to make a difference for the vulnerable ones around the world who need a voice.

Q: How long have you been a WOV partner?                                                                                
I became a NYC Women of Vision partner about 2 years ago.  After attending the first introductory/informational meeting in the fall of 2010, I wanted to be a part of this new WoV chapter that was forming in New York City.    

Q: Why did you choose to become a WOV partner?                                                           
Initially, I had no intention of joining the group when I came to the first event.  My attendance was more out of an obligation to my friend, Rochelle, who invited me.  However, after hearing the purpose and vision of the group, I felt the need to come back for "The Heart of the Matter" studies.  As I participated in the study, I was able to think and see outside of myself and my own problems.  I was reminded of the truth that I had everything to be grateful for and that everything that I had were by God's grace and mercy.  I was shown a glimpse of God's heart for the most vulnerable in the world, the women and children in the poorest countries.  I wanted to be with other women who wanted to utilize their talents, time, money, and influence to make a difference in these women and children's lives.

Q: What benefits of partnership have you realized?                                                               
Living in New York City, I have had many opportunities to get involved in and volunteer for numerous non-profits organizations that serve the needs of the poor and marginalized in our city.  As a WoV partner, I'm able to also serve others, beyond my city limits, even across the globe.  By studying together with like-minded women, I'm encouraged and challenged to have a heart that is more like the Father's -- to ache for those who suffer injustice and inequality. 

Q: What advice would you give to someone who's considering partnership?                                
I recommend that you come to as many meetings and events as you can.  I think our group will appear more and more attractive (not our outer appearances, although we do have a group of beautiful women!) to you because I believe that God is working in and through our group.  If there are ways for you to get more involved than just attending the meetings/events, then jump in!  It is my opinion that the more involved you are, the more encouraged you are to develop a bigger and softer heart that is more like Christ's.

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